How to Clean Neoprene Laptop Sleeves Learning the Basics

How to Clean Neoprene Laptop Sleeves: Learning the Basics

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Neoprene laptop sleeves are slowly becoming one of the most popular methods of keeping your laptop protected. While the material looks nice and provides you with a protective encasing around your electronic device, there is still the issue of trying to clean the sleeve.

Neoprene is a very tough and durable fabric, but it does require the correct method of cleaning, or else it will get ruined. Hence, we will teach you how to wash neoprene sleeves properly.

What’s the Difference between Neoprene Sleeves and Fabric?

Before we start learning the process of cleaning neoprene sleeves, it should be noted that there is a difference between a neoprene laptop sleeve and other types of neoprene fabrics. One of the most common mistakes we see is that people tend to confuse the two together.

Neoprene sleeves are made from a more rubbery type of neoprene fabric blend, which allows the case to repel water, dirt, and dust. On the other hand, Neoprene fabric is often mixed with different types of materials to create a neoprene blend.

Neoprene Sleeves

The importance here is to understand that the neoprene blend often used in clothing or sportswear is much different from neoprene sleeves. It is also critical to keep in mind that cleaning the two requires different methods.

How to Clean Neoprene Laptop Sleeves?

Here’s a quick tutorial on the different methods on how to clean your neoprene laptop sleeve:

Prep Your Neoprene Sleeve

Remove your laptop or electronic device from the sleeve and place it somewhere safe. At this time, it’s good to open up the sleeve and ensure that there aren’t any crumbs or dust bunnies hiding inside. Dump the sleeve inside out and get any debris out of the inside.

Spot Clean with Dish Soap

If the sleeve only has a few spots that need to be cleaned off, then you can use a mix of warm water and dish soap to clean it off. First, take a cloth and dip it into a bowl of warm water with just a splash of dish soap. The key here is to dilute the soap and only to use a dish soap that doesn’t contain grease or grime fighting ingredients.

After you’ve dipped the cloth into the dish soap solution, you can start to dab the cloth onto the sleeve. Don’t rub the stain in, as this may make it worse and harder to clean; instead, use a dabbing or light pressing motion to get the stain out. Repeatedly dip the cloth into the solution as you go, taking care not to soak the sleeve.

Soak in Dish Soap

If the sleeve has been soaked thoroughly in either a beverage or sticky substance, then you may need to soak it in a dish soap and water mixture. You’ll want to find a big enough bowl and mix in a splash of dish soap into the warm water. The key to this method is to ensure that the water is a bit soapier than the first method, but isn’t strong enough to damage the neoprene.

If you have a colored sleeve, you should be wary of what type of dish soap you use. Try and find one that is gentle and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, as this will prevent the color from bleeding out or become splotchy.

neoprene sleeve

Soak the entire neoprene sleeve for up to 30 minutes to remove the excess dirt, grime, and liquids. If you notice that the sleeve isn’t releasing some of the beverage or liquid, then you can go ahead and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Oxiclean Spot Remover

Another excellent method for reducing the number of stains or spots on your sleeve is to use an Oxiclean spot remover. Depending on how big the stain is, it may be more efficient just to use a spot cleaner rather than soaking the entire sleeve. Dab the spot cleaner onto the fabric and follow the Oxiclean spot cleaner guidelines.

Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo Method

The last method we have for you is by using a wetsuit or drysuit shampoo. This type of shampoo is specially formulated to be used on wet and drysuits. If you don’t know, wet and drysuits are made from a neoprene fabric blend, which means you can also use this shampoo to wash your laptop sleeve.

Follow the same steps as you would with dish soap, but instead, put a splash of shampoo into the bowl of warm water. Don’t use a lot, as this will be too harsh on the laptop sleeve. Remember that laptop sleeves are remarkably smaller than a wetsuit, so using a smaller amount of shampoo is essential.

If you’re spot reducing, then you can dip a cloth into the mixture and spot reduce, or you can soak the entire neoprene laptop sleeve for around 20 minutes. Once it’s been soaked, rinse with water and then let it air dry.


Your laptop is an expensive electronic device, and we’re sure that you have important documents and pictures stored there, and a neoprene sleeve can be the solution to keeping your laptop safe when you’re not using it.

The only really effective way of using a neoprene sleeve is by keeping it in the best condition so that it can protect your laptop. While cleaning isn’t exactly hard, it’s still best to know the correct method for cleaning the sleeve.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to clean neoprene laptop sleeves.

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