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Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparison

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The increasing popularity of gaming has resulted in multiple gaming gear companies, old and new alike, fighting for their own piece of the pie. Every now and then, a new gaming keyboard emerges, but the perfect one should still have it all – durability, comfort, configurable buttons, and an adequate price tag to go with it.

However, it should also be quiet, although all these new mechanical keyboards usually sacrifice this for other factors. This begs the question – which is the best quiet gaming keyboard that you can find right now? Read on to find out.

Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard Comparison Chart

Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Multihost 2.4 GHz + Blutooth Connectivity

Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Passthrough – Carbon

CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit Keys – Media Controls – Wrist Rest Included – Onboard Macro Recording

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches – Tactile & Clicky – Chroma RGB Lighting – Magnetic Wrist Rest – Dedicated Media Keys & Dial – USB Passthrough

CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – USB Passthrough – Linear and Quiet – Cherry MX Red Switch – RGB LED Backlit

Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Logitech G613

Logitech has managed to come up with a gaming keyboard that’s both mechanical and wireless, which will surprise many users. Whether this is a pleasant surprise or not depends on the user’s preference.


Diversity is the strongest suit of this Logitech keyboard, as it manages to make a good mechanical keyboard for gamers that’s also wireless. Despite wireless technologies and gaming not getting along, this keyboard’s switches have a short travel distance, an actuation force of 45g, and an actuation point of 1.5mm. They are also very durable, as each button can take about 70 million presses.

It doesn’t have Cherry switches like most mechanical keyboards do, but Romer-G, which are mostly developed by Omron and Logitech. Although these are considered quieter than their Cherry MX counterparts, the noise is still an issue with this model, so it may not be the best quiet gaming keyboard around. It is a mechanical keyboard, after all. These are well-known for not being very quiet.

Despite that, it’s a great all-around keyboard that isn’t just for gaming. Typing on it is a blast, as well as using it for gaming that’s not overly hardcore. When it comes to programmable keys, it has six “G keys” to the left that you can assign commands to. Also worth noting are the volume keys, even though these being on the right side isn’t ideal. Some users will certainly welcome the addition of a full numerical keyboard as well.

With a weight of about 3.2 lbs. and length of approximately 21.6 inches, this keyboard isn’t exactly portable. The fact that it’s wireless will still help a lot with having one less cable behind the desk. Unfortunately, it’s not backlit at all, but this move to preserve battery life seems like a worthy sacrifice, as its battery life goes up to a whopping 18 months.

This keyboard might be a bit expensive and it has an integrated palm rest, which might or might not turn people away. Still, if you’re looking for both a mechanical and wireless keyboard, look no further.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Wireless
  • Great battery life


  • Noisy
  • Not for hardcore gaming


Logitech G413

From Logitech comes the G413, a straight-to-the-point, durable, wired mechanical keyboard with a very low price tag. Despite being one of the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboards around, it doesn’t sacrifice much to keep this status.


Since this is a Logitech keyboard, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it doesn’t have the usual Cherry MX switches. It instead has Romer-G switches that somehow manage to be even quieter. Not just that, each button has an expected lifespan of about 70 million presses, which make this keyboard even more durable. Speaking of durability, its construction is very tough, as its plate is made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Even though it doesn’t have a plastic case like most other keyboards, and despite the fact that its bottom part is made of plastic, it still is very tough, mostly because of its great design. Its most common version is black with red backlighting, so those who like to choose a lighter color might be a bit disappointed. The other one is silver with white backlighting, but it’s much harder to find.

This keyboard is also quite fast for its price. The keys aren’t protected on the sides and hover a bit, which leads to an increased actuation distance of 2.5 millimeters. This is no issue for Logitech, though, since it has successfully perfected the response times. Another benefit for gamers is the fact that some of the main keys used for gaming come with faceted caps that help them stand out.

Unfortunately, this keyboard does have downsides of its own, but only two that are major. Firstly, there aren’t really any fully customizable buttons, only the “Fn” functionality that gives additional functions to the twelve F keys. Secondly, this keyboard has USB 2.0 ports, but it having a USB passthrough port and a headphone port makes it even more convenient.


  • Very cheap
  • Simple, straight-to-the-point design
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Faceted keys for gamers
  • Fast reaction time


No fully customizable buttons


Corsair K55

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gaming gear and prefer nonmechanical keyboards, this Corsair model might be a great choice.


When it comes to nonmechanical keyboards that are very cheap, this is as good as it gets. For a low price, you’re getting a keyboard with membrane switches that works really nicely and has lots of additional buttons.

The Corsair K55 is not about the design at all, since it couldn’t get much more rectangular. However, its keys are nicely done and feel as if they are made to fit your fingers. They are also RGB backlit with lots of predefined color schemes. Additionally, this keyboard now fully supports iCUE, which is Corsair’s software for further customization of all their hardware.

This is a full-sized keyboard, but its Num and Caps Lock signal diodes are known not to trigger occasionally, which might be awkward for those who use them often. The K55 has six buttons at the very left that you can configure at will, as well as additional volume control and multimedia keys. The Windows lock key is an especially welcome addition since it prevents you from accidentally pressing the Windows key in a game-winning moment.

Despite the small weight of just 1.8 lbs., this keyboard sticks to the table nicely and isn’t easy to move by mistake. It may not be as good as a mechanical keyboard, but it’s very quiet because of this and using it feels great.


  • Cheap
  • Very quiet
  • Backlit
  • Sticks to the table
  • Windows lock and other additional keys


Not mechanical


Razer BlackWidow Elite

Thanks to the BlackWidow Elite, Razer shows it’s one of the most popular gaming gear manufacturers for a reason. If you can afford it, you’ll certainly see that for yourself.


Right off the bat, this keyboard looks stunning. It’s backlit, it can be configured by using software, it has buttons for multimedia control, and it has a dial that can be used for volume or lighting control. It does not have additional macro buttons, but it does have a detachable magnetic palm rest, as well as both USB and 3.5mm audio jack ports.

At the time of this writing, the software is quite buggy. It tends to crash and even delete itself on some, but not all computers. If you can get it to work, though, you’re also getting a great program that lets you set the lighting schemes for individual games. For some, like Overwatch, it even helps you connect certain backlight color combinations with certain game characters.

Razer keyboards have always been great for both typing and gaming. Their new, improved, and reinforced switches now help further accentuate this. The crosses in the middle are now also further supported by circular pieces of plastic on the sides. There are three sorts of switches to suit everyone’s needs: loud and tactile green, quiet and tactile orange, and quiet and linear yellow ones.

All in all, if you can get over the buggy software, or better yet, if this gets fixed in the meantime, this is a serious candidate for the best quiet gaming keyboard.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Works great
  • Additional details, such as ports
  • Three switches to choose from


  • Problematic software
  • Expensive


Corsair Strafe MK.2

One of Corsair’s premium keyboards, the Strafe MK.2 is as powerful and customizable as some of the best Razer keyboards, but the price tag is similar as well.


The Strafe MK.2 is quite possibly the best quiet gaming keyboard with MX Cherry switches on the market. It lets you choose between the MX Cherry Red and MX Cherry Silent Red switches. There are no major differences between these and they are linear. Linear keys are a bit worse than tactile ones, so that’s bit of a disappointment.

Unfortunately, there are no macro keys, so this might not be the ideal keyboard for serious MMORPG play, but otherwise, it works great no matter what you do (or play). There are media keys though, as well as a palm rest than can be detached to help you with long gaming or work sessions.

A great thing about Corsair keyboards is the access to their software, iCUE. It’s very customizable and works well with the Strafe MK.2, although it might be a bit tough to learn initially. However, the program is very hard to beat when it comes to sheer customizability since it lets you replicate mouse functions and even replace the default keyboard buttons.

Besides all this, it’s also worth mentioning that this is a very well-designed, quiet keyboard. It’s pretty, its construction is fine, and its iCUE software just makes it even more attractive. If you like the MX Cherry Red switches and can afford this keyboard, it’s a great buy overall.


  • Beautiful design
  • Highly customizable
  • Quiet
  • Media keys and palm rest


  • Linear keys
  • No macro keys



The question remains unchanged – what is the best quiet gaming keyboard out there? The best one, in general, is the Razer BlackWidow because it just works great. It also is well-designed, has great, improved switches, and additional touches, such as lots of ports and a nice volume/lighting dial.

If you can’t afford it, though, you should consider the Logitech G413. It’s cheap, very durable, and has a very straightforward design that should still satisfy most gamers.

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